Remote Control Cars for the Beginner

remote control car

What makes a beginner Remote Control car?

Luckily, remote controlled cars are valued lower than the higher priced racing kits out there and is produced by a reliable firm. Best beginner remote control cars are RTR, in other words, ready-to-run, out of the box having a minimal assembly. Batteries and/or fuel might not be included.

What are your choices? How much cash could you spend, either on a kit or a ready-to-run car? Which one is the most ideal for you?

There are many choices available to select from, electric or nitro-fueled, 2 or 4 wheel drive, on and off-road, or perhaps a rock crawler, ETC. And you need to think about which scale model will suit you? Will you be competing on a race track or in your yard or in a park?

Among the most important, questions you ought to ask yourself when choosing which RC car is ideal for you, whether to run on battery power or Nitro fuel?

If you like the sound of a noisy engine roaring down the road and with exhaust fumes saturating the sky while running your RC car? Nitro power is the choice for you. Want to run your RC a lot longer, how about the electric car. Check out for some interesting remote controlled cars.

Electric run remote controlled cars require lower maintenance and can be operated indoors, and don’t require tuning like Nitro engines.

There is a price difference when comparing Nitro RC cars and the electric RC cars. The electric remote control cars usually cost less to operate, and a lot of the time the purchase price is reduced.

Remote Control Cars and Scale Size

Scale sizes of the RC car may range from 1/27 up to 1/5. The smaller scale seized RC cars are more light and easy to carry around, but, their small parts make them difficult to work on.

The 4-wheel drive, 1/5 scale size is recommended by some since it can run on gas instead of nitro, 1 liter of gas will run the RC car for at least 45 minutes.

For more information concerning remote controlled cars, has some interesting books

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