China’s Electric super-car soon to be in production

chinese super car

These electric cars, at best, are good for short term utility use, fast, but low on mileage….

Depicted in these supposedly leaked images, BAIC’s forthcoming electric supercar is slated to take on rivals from the likes of Faraday Future, Rimac, andKoenigsegg. It’s anticipated to be about the same size as aFerrari 488 GTB, albeit slightly wider and taller. But the real difference will be in the powertrain, precise details of which remain a secret at the moment.

Go-kart racing on the ocean

cruise race track

Nothing like a challenge while on the high seas – but just staying on the track….

You can do a lot of things on a cruise ship nowadays. Ice skating, surfing, and rock climbing have set sail alongside the usual cruise ship activities of eating, drinking, tanning, and catching norovirus. But Norwegian Cruise Line is adding something that caught our attention – go-kart racing.

Like Car card games, check out “Cars on Fire”

sports cars on fire

I guess if there is some time on your hands and you love sports car racing, a card game might just help break the…..

Cars on Fire

We love cars and we want to spread that love with more people of all ages. Because of this we have come up with an automotive playing card game that we believe will be attractive to both car lovers and those who don’t care about vehicles.

Ferrari on display in Geneva


This event opened n the first of March, there are many good pictures on display….

Also at Geneva: the Ferrari California T HS

Geneva, 1 March – Since the Geneva Show first opened its doors early this morning, it has been one of the most photographed cars at the entire event. Even when still draped in the traditional red wraps, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso attracted more curiosity than any other car at the show.

Looking ahead to the 2016 best sports cars

one of seven best


Godzilla has a reputation as an energetic but prickly monster but Nissan plans to make it more civilised, from the interior to the ride and noise suppression.

That should extend its appeal to prestige buyers.

As the quality of the materials rises so will the price, so don’t expect much change from $180,000 when the updated model lands late this year.