Japan’s Custom Sports Cars

sports car Kyushu Danji NSX

I suppose a auto smart person could take a basic car and rebuild it to his satisfaction from parts manufactured by car makers….

Take the Kyushu Danji NSX for example – a machine that only shows up at Tsukuba Circuit a couple of times a year as its owner lives at the opposite end of the country. The first time I came across the Honda was back in February 2011 when it largely still resembled a street-tuned car. It already had widened bodywork, but not anywhere as extreme as the GT500-inspired aero outfit it wears these days. Of course, everything you see around the car and underneath it too is brutally functional.


Honda Civic Type-R Coming in 2016


It is hard to believe that the 2016 autos are being promoted this early…..

“The first thing to realise is that Honda is stating that the Civic Type-R will be capable of 270km/h. This will make it the fastest hot hatch available outpacing even the VW Golf R. The secret behind this amazing speed is a turbocharged 2.0 liter VTEC variable valve timed power plant. This engine is brand new and the actual power output has not yet been formally confirmed. However, industry insiders have speculated that the figure will be over 220kW.”


The New Honda NSX


Like Honda sports cars? Check this out….

“After what feels like centuries, we finally have an all-new Honda NSX. 25 years after the first one was launched Honda has finally shown us it’s follow up. Like its predecessor it’s a mid-engine supercar with its sights set on taking on Ferrari and Porsche. However, a lot has changed in the last quarter of a century. Ayrton Senna was still around and Rowan Atkinson had just become Mr. Bean. So, like everything else, this new NSX is a completely different beast to the car it replaces.”