China’s Electric super-car soon to be in production

chinese super car

These electric cars, at best, are good for short term utility use, fast, but low on mileage….

Depicted in these supposedly leaked images, BAIC’s forthcoming electric supercar is slated to take on rivals from the likes of Faraday Future, Rimac, andKoenigsegg. It’s anticipated to be about the same size as aFerrari 488 GTB, albeit slightly wider and taller. But the real difference will be in the powertrain, precise details of which remain a secret at the moment.

Who is using new technology to build sports cars

TVR Sports car

They are hoping this will be a less expensive way of building a high quality sports car…..

TVR is officially back and plans to launch four new models over the next decade that will have new technology. TVR’s first model, which should be here within the next two to three years, will be constructed entirely out of carbon fiber. The limited-edition launch will be the automaker’s first full production sports car to utilize carbon fiber. Gordon Murray, who is well known for his work in Formula 1 and for the legendary McLaren F1, used his iStream Carbon manufacturing process to create a ground effect aero chassis and body package.

Carved Wooden Sports Cars – Street Legal


This is a rather unique idea, built by wood worker in Houston, Texas, the pictures of his work are very impressive…..

Cars aren’t traditionally made from anything other than plastic, metal and glass, but these designs by Isaac Cohen prove that wood is another resource able to be incorporated. 63-year-old Cohen has combined his love of automobiles with his dedication to craftsmanship to create vehicles that are surprisingly street legal; although I’m not sure if anyone would want one to drive everyday.

Exotic Materials used in sports cars


I remember my brother-in-law telling about the different metals used in the engine of his Mercedes-Benz to produce peak performance, This article is even more interesting, you get a good idea why some of the motor vehicles are so expensive and why they perform better than the average…..

What does the word ‘exotic’ mean to you? Well, my phone dictionary says, “originating in or characteristics of distant foreign thing”. This may sound pretty complicated, but the truth is anything which is unique and rare to find is considered as exotic. The fairer sex finds gold, silver and other ornaments to be exotic whereas the petrolheads usually associate this term with supercars and superbikes. Have you ever thought if both of these be in one package. You might just be right if you had ever even given it a thought. Let us find out the different kinds of exotic materials which are (or have been) used in the automotive world and the reasons behind it.