A Classic Corvette – Research The History

classic corvette

Is That Classic Corvette Authentic

The variety of phony vehicles available has come down in recent years due to better documentation. However, with that better info on the market, there are some shady individuals using that information to better create a false classic car. If you do revitalize a not so original car, you stand to lose thousands of dollars. You will most likely end up having a good looking Corvette to show for it. So, go the extra mile in your research for the classic auto.

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Researching the History

There are a number of means to determine the history of any classic vehicle. Researching your Corvette or any other vintage auto can easily take a long time, and might be expensive. Try to establish if they are actually the original owner or if they know who the initial owner is.

Why Research Before a Purchase

Many sports car collectors will eventually either sell or pass to their kin that terrific classic Corvette. Possessing proof this vintage sports car is actually authentic and valuable is important. A lot of money can go into restoring a classic car, especially a Corvette. You do not want that money wasted.

If you are planning to restore a vintage car, you need to do a proper restoration with original parts if possible. These parts may most likely only be found with tedious research. Perhaps some information can be provided by the automaker– well worth a try.

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Where to Start your Research

You can start by finding the owners handbook, a previous owner might have left that with the vehicle. Over the years, a classic auto may have been repainted, or the interior replaced.

In case you have not yet purchased that classic Corvette, carrying out the historic research for vital information, as challenging as it may be, can save you cash.

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Heart breaking spin-out with only 3 laps to go

corvette spin-out

Sometimes it is very disapointing to come so close and miss out on that which one thought was in the “bag”….

The #4 Corvette was set to score its third consecutive win after victories in the Rolex 24 at Daytona and the Sebring 12 Hours. However, Makowiecki, with his own Porsche teammate Nick Tandy filling his mirrors, made contact with the American car at the final hairpin.


Thinking about a new Corvette – looking for a test drive

corvette 2016

You must be dreaming about owning a beautiful, fast sports car – check this 2016 Corvette review….

As a man in his late 40’s that was born and raised in the U.S.A. and whose favorite music includes Bruce Springsteen and The Eagles, I’m pretty sure I fall into the primary market segment for a Corvette Convertible. Paying attention to the type of men actually driving Corvette’s bears this out, as I can’t remember the last time I saw someone driving a Corvette who wasn’t a middle-aged white guy.


Do you know your Corvette history

corvette the beautiful

Are you old enough to remember when, what a beauty the Corvette was back in the 1950’s? I do….

The first Corvette rolled off the assembly lines in 1953, and it revolutionized how people viewed sports cars. Produced by a reliable company that was known for its family cars, the Corvette was an affordable alternative built using off-the-shelf mechanical components. It was initially designed to be part of the GM Motorama exhibit, but the new chief engineer, Ed Cole, saw great potential in the car. The model was born, and it’s still in production to this day.


Is The Mid-Engine Corvette For Real

mid-engine corvette

Back in the late 1950’s, I had an opportunity to actually drive a Corvette…..what a kick…..I cannot even imagine what it would be like today.

In a recent interview with Motor Trend, Cadillac’s President Johan de Nysschen was talking halo cars, diesel’s vs hybrids and production of cars for global buyers. de Nysschen was specifically asked if Cadillac was considering building a halo car based on the forthcoming mid-engine Corvette and he answered that it has to be one of the options considered.


Corvette Engine voted as WardsAuto’s10 Best

Corvette gets nicer and more fun to drive – winning votes….

WardsAuto reviewed 37 engines and propulsion systems from 12 manufacturers in this year’s competition, which looked at power, fuel efficiency, new technology and refinement and compared the attributes with data for similar engines.