Who is using new technology to build sports cars

TVR Sports car

They are hoping this will be a less expensive way of building a high quality sports car…..

TVR is officially back and plans to launch four new models over the next decade that will have new technology. TVR’s first model, which should be here within the next two to three years, will be constructed entirely out of carbon fiber. The limited-edition launch will be the automaker’s first full production sports car to utilize carbon fiber. Gordon Murray, who is well known for his work in Formula 1 and for the legendary McLaren F1, used his iStream Carbon manufacturing process to create a ground effect aero chassis and body package.


The Trident Sports Car – have you ever heard of it

trident sports car

The Trident had a very limited manufacture, and only a very few are believed to still be around, it would be nice to find more pictures….

Trident Cars were based in Turret Lane and between 1966 and 1977 and over that decade produced either 85 or 130 cars – depending on which figures you accept. Some of its vehicles were sold as kits for the owners to put together.


A new name for a famous sports car

asto martin racer

Renaming an already famous sports car may be leading to a totally new design. Check out the article for some of the reasons….

Latest updates confirmed that the brand has registered for a trademark name – the AeroBlade. As the name is self-explanatory, it refers to brand new aerodynamics that they may have developed for all their future supercars. With the years rapidly rolling by, car makers are gearing up for the near future where cars are expected to drive on their own besides supporting all latest gadgets and possibly use electric motors to be on the move.


Mazda and its Rotary engine

mazda rotary

If you like peculiar things, Mazda’s new concept car with the rotary engine might be a good investment. I believe some of the first Mazda’s with the original rotary engine will eventually become collector items…..perhaps this model will too.

TOKYO — Three years after pulling the plug on the rotary-powered RX-8 sports car, Mazda Motor Corp. signaled today at the Tokyo Motor Show that it hasn’t given up on the peculiar engine design that gave the brand some of its grandest successes.


DeltaWing Entering GT


Fast cars, good fuel economy, it seems the R7D departments are really showing their stuff….

“Coming soon to a track near you, DeltaWing will bring its signature design to the GT class, and eyes set on the showroom down the road.

The latest racing variant is expected to demonstrate on the track “that with far less horsepower than many of today’s best sports cars, a two-seat performance car based on the DeltaWing® architecture would deliver the same performance, yet with previously unimagined fuel economy and efficiency.”


Ferrari Modulo – 1968


Vintage concept sport cars, how many more out that the public has never had the chance to or drive or to even see…..maybe more interested collectors will hunt out this types of autos…..

“It’s not often that we get the chance to see driving footage of a rare concept car like the 1968 Ferrari 512 Modulo that was created by Italian designer Paolo Martin who was then working for Pininfarina. Unveiled at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show, Martin’s His concepts were a reflection of the times—the wedgy, submarine-like Ferrari Modulo could only have been a child of the straight-edged 1970s. The Ferrari Pinin concept could have been a more convincing exotic Italian sedan,”