Sports Car Engine Upkeep and Maintenance

Sports Car Engine Upkeep

Purchasing an automobile today can be quite pricey. The typical car and truck cost is practically $23,000. That is certainly a great deal of money, even for some of the regular and common cars readily available in the market today. This reveals that the other types of vehicles like the sports cars are even higher priced.

With the high quality of sporty cars and trucks these days, it is necessary that owners find out the best ways to preserve their sports vehicle’s engine in order to safeguard their toy.

How to SAFELY Degrease Your Engine Bay

Sports automobiles are specifically made for “sporting efficiency”. This indicates that its exact engine performance is on a greater level for speed, velocity, maneuverability, and braking as compared with the other types of cars or trucks.

With these impressive features, some sports car owners have a tendency to utilize its power even if they are not in a race. For that reason alone, keeping the car’s engine maintained is absolutely important.

With that in mind, a sports car engine does not have to be large and powerful in order to provide the best performance.

There is no other method to keep a sports car in excellent condition than to have a proper and routine upkeep check-up on the engine. You need to bear in mind that the engine is the most vital part of an automobile, specifically for the sports car; therefore, it needs to be appropriately kept.

Here is a menu of helpful pointers for preserving your sports car engine:

For Ordinary Operation

You will need to inspect the sports car engine every 3000 miles or so. Among the main engine, upkeep suggestions are to switch the engine oil with fresh oil as well as the filter. This will assure appropriate lubrication and functioning of your sports vehicle engine.

Simple Car Maintenance Prevents Expensive Repairs

Other EngineFfluids

Inspect the other fluids in the engine such as the brake and transmission fluids, coolant, etc. These fluids are essential in keeping the cars engine’s performance running smoothly.

Spark Plugs and Fuel Efficiency

Spark plugs that have been in use for more than 30,000 miles may not be working properly, thus depriving you of fuel efficiency.

Engine Leakages

Regularly examine the engine bay for any indications of leaks. Leakages normally show a damaged engine gasket.

Engine Belts

On a regular basis, search for any wear or breaks or fractures of the engine belt or belts. Neglecting this simple procedure could lead to major engine problems.

Did you know – Safety Info Is Scarce for High-Performance Cars

It is very important that engine maintenance checks performed on a car must be documented in a diary. This will be extremely helpful particularly if the individual who has actually done the upkeep care has drawn a blank as to the last date of the oil change or other upkeep that was carried out.

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The Salon Prive – Woodstock, England – September 2016

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A beautifully restored vintage Ferrari 225E


There is a little bit of racing history that this sports car made in its youth…..

A 1952 Ferrari 225E, chassis 0178, was recently restored after two years of work by the Ferrari Classiche department in Maranello, Italy. The project was a great challenge for Classiche as the car, which belongs to an Argentinean collector, arrived at the Ferrari factory in a terrible state of repair, having been partially destroyed in a fire.


Vintage Sports Cars Auction scheduled – Amelia Island


This auction is getting closer and closer – on March 10th, 2016….

The Bonhams Amelia Island 2016 Auction will be held Thursday, March 10 at the Fernandina Beach Golf Club on Amelia Island, Florida. More than 80 automobiles will be offered at Bonhams’ 2nd annual sale held during the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance Week, in addition to selected automobilia.


New life for a Jaguar E-Type

new life for jaguar

This restoration had to have cost a small fortune, judging from the picture when it was found….

The car was the 15th right-hand-drive, fixed-head-coupé to leave the production line in 1961 and was put on display at Glasgow’s Kelvin Hall for that year’s Scottish Motor Show. After its flirtation with fame it disappeared into private ownership, before eventually being discovered by CMC lying in a garden in Cernay, France three years ago.

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Classics Never Go Out of Style

classic style

It may be a classic, but according the article, the owner has made some changes…..

What we have here is, arguably, the best front wheel drive sports car ever made.  Perhaps one of the best sports cars to come out of Japan in the late nineties.  It was light, it was agile, it made 197 horsepower from 1.8 liters.  It was the thing of legends: a giant slayer made by the same people who made humble econoboxes.  From 1997-2001, skipping 1999 entirely for some reason, Honda sent a little over 3800 of these glorious cars over here.  And my friend Jeff has one, and has had one as long as I’ve known him.

Syracuse Nationals 2015


Since these are no longer real factory classic cars, I thought the sporty look after modification would qualify them – anyway, they are really attractive automobiles….

 July in upstate NY means Syracuse Nationals car show at the NY State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, NY. This show has become the biggest car show in the north east, with nearly 8000 entries gracing the huge fairgrounds.

Restoring a classic or sports car


The classic car restoration tips provided in this article by Mike and EDD can be used, I am sure, to restore a classic sports car, they are fairly general…..

“Restoring a classic car can be a hugely challenging task, so the presenters behind the Discovery Channel’s hit TV show Wheeler Dealers have released their top five tips to get a used car back on the road to mark the launch of their new series and a new Haynes Manual.”